What Sort of Websites Do You Build for Your Clients

We build sites not limited to the ones listed below

  • Business Website Design
  • Portfolio and Career/Creative Professionals Websites.
  • Marketing Agency Website.
  • E-Commerce Website Design/Development.
  • Online Communities/NGO Website.
  • Blog Theme Website.

What Information Do You Normally Require From Your Clients Before Commencing Your Work

The normally do require some if not most of the information listed below

1)      A full introduction and profile of the brand. This profile should include the mission, vision and details of the founder

2)      A full list of the brand Products and Service offering and their description including pictures. 

3)  The brand logo and preferred color ( all of these we can work out if there’s no clarity on this )

4) The brand existing Social media profile (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram ) if this don’t currently exist, Doers Technologies will create them for the business.

5)      The brand team/people behind the brand aside from you who else officially works for the brand? this can come now or later.

6)     Sample admired  website by the brand.

7) Lastly the business full contact details. 

All of the above are the information that we will require to build the site on a record time. All of them mustn’t be available but if its available then that will be great.

How Do One Make Payment

Once we have concluded on the information for building your site, You will be giving our account details.

You are expected to pay 70% of our fees first and the rest 30% Once your job is done.

What Other Information Do I Need To Know

DesignHub247 will maintain your site for you free of any additional cost for the first 90 Days after site creation.